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   About us

Zhejiang Province Jiande City Datong Fuli Light Industry Auxiliaries Co., Ltd. is a provincial-level welfare enterprise specialized in the manufacture of high-grade calcium hydroxide ad calcium oxide. The company is beside Qiandao Lake which is a national scenic areas in Jiande, Hangzhou, China. Since 1994, the company has been appraised as example welfare enterprise consecutively, and been honored as "Honest Business Enterprise" since.

We are the state's first company to get the hygiene License for food-additive calcium hydroxide, and the major drafter unit of the national standard for food additive calcium hydroxide, and industrial standard for technical calcium hydroxide and technical calcium oxide. Sticking to the business philosophy of "Customer Satisfied Quality, Leading Technology, Honesty", we produce industry leading quality calcium hydroxide ad calcium oxide. In year 2000, we were appraised as "Quality Trustworthy Manufacturer of Light Industrial Products".

Our "AA" brand calcium series products, which are manufactured as per ASTM(C-25.33.99), mainly include food/pharmaceutical grade calcium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide for plastic heat stabilizer, refined grade calcium hydroxide, calcium oxide for defoaming masterbatch, refined grade calcium oxide and technical grade calcium oxide, with overall production capacity reaching 60,000 tons.

Refined grade Calcium hydroxide, which was developed in year 2000 through cooperating with Zhejiang University, features high purity, good fineness and whiteness (≥93 degree), and is the best raw material for high grade organic synthesis, it was honored as Zhejiang provincial level new product. In 2007, pharmaceutical grade calcium hydroxide was honored as Zhejiang provincial level new product.

Calcium hydroxide for plastic heat stabilizer is produced for high-grade calcium stearate, and features high calcium hydroxide content, low poisonous metal content, good whiteness and stable quality. The level of poisonous metal, tested by SGS, is far below the level required by RoHS. Currently, we are the domestic appointed supplier for the world's largest heat stabilizer manufacturers. In 2009, it was appraised as technological innovation project of Hangzhou city.

The company boasts sound management system and ISO9001 Q.C. system, which ensures the good quality of products and guarantee ex-factory pass rate of 100%. In early 2007, the company was approved by ISO9001.

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